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What does a Bailbonsman do?

How do bail bonds work?

How soon can I post someone’s bail?

Can someone in jail post their own bond?

How soon will will they be released after bond has been posted?

When can my friend/family member make a phone call?

Can they only make ONE call?

How much does it cost to post bond?

How can I pay for the bond?

What happens if the defendant is bailed out and fails to appear in court?

​What happens if I don’t post bond for my friend/family member?

​It is 3am are you able to help me?

​It is the holidays, are you still able to help me?

​Which is the fastest way to contact you?

​Do you cover all states?



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"​I tried many bail bond providers but this was the only company to take my call due to it being late at night 10/10"


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